Financial Transparency Score 2024

APRIL 23, 2024

Truth in Accounting has once again created a transparency score for the financial reporting by state governments to encourage the publication of transparent and accurate government financial information.

Hot off the Press! The State Report is Out: How Did Your State Do???

DECEMBER 10, 2023

Now Available

Our annual report on state fiscal health. Debt among the states improved slightly. Going from $1.2 trillion down to $938.6 billion. 

What happened? 

How did your state do? Read the full report below.

Accounting is a methodology for measuring value. It's the process of identifying, measuring, and communicating economic information to enable well-informed assessments and choices for those who rely on the informationgood accounting matters!  


Did your state receive a clean audit opinion? 2022 Update

OCTOBER 22, 2023 | by Chrisitine Kuglin

Every year, for the past fourteen years, Truth in Accounting has released its Financial State of the States report which examines the financial status of the fifty states. This year our report was released on October 11, 2023. One of the data sets we reviewed is the auditors’ reports. Did the state receive an unmodified report for  their Annual Comprehensive Financial Report? Last year I wrote an article for Accounting Today explaining which states did not meet auditing standards for 2021. This is a follow-up to that article.

Financial State of the States 2022

OCTOBER 24, 2022

This year's report found that 31 states did not have enough money to pay all of their bills.

Georgia suing Biden administration over Medicaid rejection

JANUARY 24, 2022 | BOWLING GREEN DAILY NEWS (KENTUCKY) | by Sudhin Thanawala

By Sudhin Thanawala (AP), includes “… Republicans had presented Georgia’s plan as a financially responsible alternative to a full expansion of Medicaid services under the Affordable Care Act, which 38 states have already done. … Democrats in Georgia say full expansion would cover hundreds of thousands of people at a much lower cost to the state. ” 

Georgia ranks next-to-last in fiscal-transparency -- report

DECEMBER 10, 2021 | LONGVIEW NEWS-JOURNAL (GEORGIA) | by Nyamekye Daniel

By Nyamekye Daniel (The Center Square), includes “While no state earned a perfect score in the report, Georgia received 54 points. TIA said this year's transparency scores are worse than previous years because of response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Federal aid highlighted weaknesses in states' unemployment insurance. ‘These weaknesses caused several states to receive poor audit opinions,’ TIA wrote.”

New study measures financial transparency among state governments

NOVEMBER 16, 2021


Financial Transparency Score 2021

NOVEMBER 16, 2021

To encourage the publication of transparent and accurate government financial information, Truth in Accounting has created a transparency score for financial reporting by the states. 

Returns aside, pension risks remain in Georgia


By Jen Sidorova, includes “… A single year – or even several years – of exceptionally high investment returns would be welcome news for TRS. Even a streak of high returns, however, will not change the harsh truth that this and many other plans still face significant funding risks going forward. Georgia policymakers need to address these risks to protect taxpayers, employees and retirees.”

Majority of state finances worsened during beginning of pandemic

SEPTEMBER 28, 2021


Financial State of the States 2021

SEPTEMBER 28, 2021

Truth in Accounting's twelfth annual Financial State of the States report, a nationwide analysis of the most recent state government financial information.

Georgia governor wants to get retired teachers to return

MARCH 9, 2021 | ABC NEWS | by Jeff Amy

By Jeff Amy, includes “Some retired Georgia teachers could return to work and collect both a full salary and a full pension under a proposal that Gov. Brian Kemp unveiled Tuesday to bolster the state’s teacher workforce.”

Pritzker hopes for federal money for Illinois after Democrats regain full control in DC

JANUARY 11, 2021 | THE CENTER SQUARE – ILLINOIS | by Cole Lauterbach

 Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker was all smiles about Georgia’s U.S. Senate election results Wednesday, saying he’s optimistic that the federal government will come through with more state aid now that Republicans can’t block it.

Thirty-nine states ill-prepared for coronavirus pandemic

SEPTEMBER 22, 2020

The 2020 Financial State of the States report surveys the fiscal health of the 50 states prior to the coronavirus pandemic. This data is released today by Truth in Accounting (TIA), a think tank that analyzes government financial reporting.

Georgia is doing fine, thank you

JULY 9, 2020 | CITY JOURNAL | by Matt Strauss

The northeastern United States was badly ravaged by the Covid-19 pandemic. The five states with the highest Covid-19 deaths per capita to date are New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island; if the District of Columbia were a state, it would place sixth. 

State general revenue shortfall projections

JUNE 1, 2020 | by Bill Bergman, Sheila Weinberg

How large could the shortfall in state government general revenues be, amidst the coronavirus and related crises? 

Friday Facts

NOVEMBER 4, 2019 | GEORGIA PUBLIC POLICY INSTITUTE | by Kyle Wingfield, Benita Dodd

The 2019 Georgia Legislative Policy Forum, featuring five think tanks, five policy issues and nearly two dozen policy experts and leaders, takes place November 15.  Learn about education, healthcare, opportunity, regulation and transportation opportunities for Georgia.

Kemp wants Georgia agency heads to skip budget hearings


Georgia legislative leaders scheduled meetings later this month to hear how state agencies plan to respond to Gov. Brian Kemp’s call to cut their budgets, but they may spend that time talking to each other.

Republican governors prioritize SNAP work requirements

JANUARY 14, 2019 | WATCHDOG | by Bethany Blankley

Prior to the new rules implemented by the Trump administration to strengthen work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), some Republican governor-led states had already begun implementing restrictions and eliminated the practice of submitting “geographic area waivers.”

Teacher pension debt undermines public education in Georgia

DECEMBER 7, 2018 | REASON | by Evgenia Sidorova

Georgia’s political leaders owe it to parents and students to resolve the pension system’s solvency challenges.

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