The mission of Truth in Accounting (TIA) is, in a non-partisan manner, to compel governments to produce financial reports that are understandable, reliable, transparent and correct.  We believe truthful accounting is the key for citizens, legislators and the press to clearly understand the truth about government debt and to enable informed proposals for its resolution.

Data-Z (formerly State Data Lab) is a project of Truth in Accounting. This site extends TIA’s core capabilities by surrounding our data and analysis with tools and external data for context.  The site is intended to enable citizens, the press, legislators and staff, think tanks and financial analysts to better understand their state governments’ financial and economic condition.  The site contains state financial data and external demographic and economic data, along with tools ranging from graphs to regression, ranking and compound growth analysis.  Site users are able to select relevant data and perform their own analysis, enabling them to make informed decisions about alternatives to address state fiscal issues.  

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