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California is late on its own financial health report for the 6th straight year

JULY 10, 2024 | CALMATTERS | by Sameea Kamal

California — a state whose officials love to tout it as the world’s fifth largest economy — is late producing a report on its own financial health for the sixth year in a row.

Californians Have Little to Show for All That Government Spending

JULY 8, 2024 | PACIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE | by Wayne Winegarden

This impending crisis may lack the recent drama that the balanced budget requirement periodically imposes. But if the growing problem of Californians paying too much money for sub-par government services is left unaddressed, the foundations for a prosperous economy will be undermined.

Lamont, Brokman, Budgets And Budget Busters

JULY 5, 2024 | CONNECTICUT CENTINAL | by Don Pesci

The easiest way to avoid debt is through prudent policies in which the state’s annual domestic spending is substantially less over time than the state’s annual gross domestic product, a sort of economic husbandry Connecticut has not practiced for decades.

Philly Fails to Make Top 20 Best Cities List; Fitch Gives A+ Rating

JULY 2, 2024 | DELAWARE VALLEY JOURNAL | by Linda Stein

However, Philadelphia also ranked near the bottom, 72 out of 75, for cities ranked for how well they’re run by Truth in Accounting.

That organization found the city needs $11.2 billion to pay bills and has a taxpayer burden of $20,400 per taxpayer. Meaning if all bills were to be paid in one year, that’s how much each taxpayer would owe. Truth in Accounting gave Philadelphia a grade of “F.”

Can Hawaii afford climate change lawsuit settlement?

JUNE 28, 2024 | THE CENTER SQUARE | by Kim Jarrett

"The state doesn't have money sitting around that can be used for settlements like this," said Sheila A. Weinberg, founder and CEO of Truth in Accounting. "To pay for this settlement, taxes will have to be raised or services and benefits will have to be cut. The other option is to even underfund the pension and retiree health care benefits even more."

Hawaii is the first to settle a climate change lawsuit, but it may not be the last. The case may set a precedent in other states where young people have filed lawsuits over climate concerns, according to an op-ed written by Cara Horowitz, executive director of the Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the institute's communications director, Evan George.

Report challenges health of city of Longview finances — but not by standard measures

JUNE 28, 2024 | LONGVIEW NEWS-JOURNAL | by Jo Lee Ferguson

A report by the nonprofit organization Truth in Accounting arrived the week early voting started for the Longview mayoral election in May.

That assessment, though, was based off old information and uses a standard that Truth in Accounting established that measures government finances differently than is accepted practice.

Our Mission is to Help: A Rebuttal

JUNE 28, 2024

We've all felt some mistrust towards the government. We're trying to rebuild that trust alongside other nonprofits, educators, policy-makers, public servants, and journalists. We're sad to see that the Longview News-Journal didn't see that mission when covering our special report on the city of Longview, TX.

Cothrum: A simple, paint-by-numbers plan to fix City Hall


Dallas Cothrum: An 8-point plan for the next Dallas city manager: stop virtue signaling, control spending, improve customer service, break down silos,...

Dallas’ fiscal woes are deeper than you think


Includes "Not surprisingly, Truth in Accounting, a nonprofit group, earlier this year gave Dallas a sobering D grade for its finances, placing it alongside Houston and Austin toward the bottom of the class."

Yikes: Let's Check in on How Things Are Going in the DNC's Host City

JUNE 6, 2024 | TOWNHALL | by Guy Benson

One-party rule in action: According to the group Truth in Accounting, Chicago continues to live up to its moniker “Second City” in at least one respect: it has thesecond-worstdebt load of any big city in America—about $43,000 per taxpayer, or almost $40 billion in total.

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