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Student Debt Average by State


President Biden has proposed the cancellation of federal student debt across the country. 


Students from every state accumulate debt. As indicated by the Data-Z chart below, on average students in Utah graduate from their undergraduate studies with student debt of $18,344, which is the least amount of all of the states. The four other states with the least amount of average student debt are New Mexico with $20,868, California with $21,125, Nevada with $21,257 and Wyoming with $23,510. 



As indicated in the chart below, on average undergraduate students from New Hampshire graduate with $39,928 in student debt, $21,584 more than Utah graduates. The other states with the highest student debt average are Delaware with $39,705, Pennsylvania with $39,375, Rhode Island with $36,791 and Connecticut with $35,853. 


I ask the reader why the student debt *average would be so different between states. 

  • Are students in some states adverse to accumulating debt?

  • Do some states finance college tuition more than other states?

  • Are colleges and universities more expensive in states with higher student debt averages?

  • With the 50-state student debt average of $29,096, why do Delaware and New Hampshire students, on average, graduate with more than $10,000 of student debt than the average student throughout the country?


Review the chart below to determine how much student debt undergraduates

in your state are accumulating on average. 


*These amounts represent the estimated averages of the total debt incurred by graduates of undergraduate colleges and universities at graduation as reported by The Institute for College Access & Success (TICAS) as of 2020.